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Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis by Eileen Manning Michels was completed with the financial assistance of the Vincent Scully Jr. Award given by the Architectural History Foundation. In 2006 it received the David Stanley Gebhard Award given by the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians. The fifteen chapters of this long awaited monograph clarify Ellis's biography; reveal the magnitude of his innate artistic gifts; the full extent and cultural context of his achievements and prominence as an architect, perspective renderer and painter; and examine his role in the American Arts and Crafts movement. The book also challenges certain misconceptions about Ellis prevalent in recent decades that are summarized in the individual pages of this website Facts About Harvey Ellis at  What has emerged is that Harvey Ellis, renowned during his lifetime but slipping into historical obscurity shortly after his death, merits rejoining the mainstream of American art and architectural history.

Contents of Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis::
Preface and Acknowledgements
1   Rochester 1852-72,
          Family and Early Years
2    Albany, New York, and Rochester 1872-77
          The Art Student
3    Rochester 1877-85
           The Young Painter and Teacher
4.    Rochester 1877-85
            H. and C. S. Ellis [Architects]
5.    Europe (?), Utica, and St. Paul 1885-86
            In the Offices of Charles Mould and J. Walter Stevens
6    Minneapolis 1887-89
            In the Offices of Leroy Sunderland Buffington and G. W. and
            F. D. Orff
7    Harvey Ellis and Late Nineteenth Century Perspective Rendering
8    St. Joseph 1889-90
            In the Office of Eckel and Mann
9    Minneapolis 1891
            Briefly Back with Buffington
10   St. Louis 1891-93
            In the Offices of George Mann and Randall, Ellis and Baker
11   Rochester 1892-1903
            Charles S. Ellis and Harvey Ellis, Architects; and the Rochester Arts and Crafts Society
12   Rochester 1891-93
            The Mature Painter and Teacher
13   Syracuse 1903-04
            Architectural Designs for the Craftsman
14   Ellis and the Issue of Furniture Designs for Gustav Stickley
15   Death
Appendix A
       Charles and Harvey Ellis, the Supervising Architect of the Treasury
       and the United States Court House and Post Office in
       Rochester, New York
Appendix B
       Clients, Buildings, and Projects of Harvey and Charles Ellis, 1879-1903
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Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis
Beaver's Pond Press (Minneapolis, Minn: 2004)
9x12 hard cover, 364 pages, 245 b&w and 45 color illustrations, $70
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9x12 hard cover, 364 pages, 245 b&w and 45 color illustrations, $70

© Eileen Manning Michels 2010