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Family Strife

The concept that Ellis did not get along with his family also first appeared in print in the 1960s. Intergenerational family correspondence reveals normal concerns of Ellis's parents about the events in their children's lives and for their future. That does not, however, translate into family strife. In fact, a close and caring relationship among all family members is revealed. Harvey and his brothers worked together in their architectural practice before he left Rochester for the Midwest, and at times their lawyer father even located his legal practice in the same office. For most of their adult lives all of the sons chose to live at home with their parents--interesting people in their own right--until their marriages.

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Reconfiguring Harvey Ellis
Beaver's Pond Press, (Minneapolis, Minn: 2004)
9x12 hard cover, 364 pages, 245 b&w and 45 color illustrations, $70
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